Grundig SATELLIT 210 TR 6001
The world's most advanced radio: the incredible Grundig Satellit TR6001. A grand total of 20 Transistors, 10 diodes and 5 stabilisers gives you a coverage of VHF, MW, LW and SW 1 - 9 (including the 60 - 187 m Marine Band). SW bands 2 - 9 can be bandspread and no less than 20 tuning scales ensure pin-point accuracy. Just to describe the Satellit reads like a manual of radio technology. There's double superhet reception, automatic frequency control on VHF, RF stage using FETS. aerial trimmer, separate high frequency speaker unit, dublex drive. SW fine tuning, separate bass and treble controls, etc. etc. There are multiple input and output sockets and a host of other features which go to make this the ultimate in portable radios. Elegant black padded with chrome and satin silver trim or with wooden speaker grill and wooden padded cabinet. Supplied with an SSB (single side band) unit and TN 12 mains unit. Tune in to the Satellit orbit the world!

With grundigs development of the Grundig Satellit Amateur 210 starting in 1969, the main focus was on the layout of the newly separated ranges in the amateur band. It is for this reason that there is no continous single range for the amateur band. The only way to attain the complete dimension of the entire range without compromise was to separate each range individualy. Grundig held this development as a essential in attain max. performance. This alloud the 210 to cover not only the 7 amateur bands but alloud it to include another 49 meters of unused broadcast band. By extending the range in this fashion the tuner is able be more discrimnating in it's sensitivity and also resolted in a greater signal to noise ratio.



Grundig Satellit 210 Transistor 6001
Der Grundig Satellit 210 löste 1969 der Grundig Satellit 208 ab. Dieser transportable Weltempfänger wurde bis 1971 gebaut und hatte nur einige wenige technische Veränderungen gegenüber dem Vorgängermodell. Er bekam einen zusätzlichen Antennentrimmer für eine KW Außenantenne oder Autoantenne. Die Kopfhörenbuchse wurde neben den Schalter für den Hochtonlautsprecher gesetzt. Erstmals konnte ein Grundig Satellit nun auch mit dem Dryfit 476 Akku betrieben werden. Es war allerdings ein spezielles Netzteil nötig. (TN 14) Dieser Empfänger war auch als Amateur Version erhältlich und er bekam die Zulassung als Schiffsfunkempfänger mit begrenztem Anwendungsbereich und konnte somit auf deutschen Schiffen eingebaut und betrieben werden. Der Grundig Satellit 210 wurde mit schwarzem Kunstleder und "Sonnenschliff" oder in Nußbaumfolie mit Nußbaum Lautsprechergrill geliefert.


Grundig Satellit 210 Transistor 6001
In 1969 The Grundig 208 was replaced by the Grundig Satellit 210. This transportable world receiver model's run continued through 1971. And although only a few minor technical advancements were offered the changes themselves were significant. For one, an additional dial located next to the bass and treble adjustment dials allowed the use of a Shortwave external antenna or even a car antenna. The headphone input was placed next to the tweeter for easier access. And finally, for the first time Grundig made provisions to allow the use of a dryfit 476 battery pack further enhancing the radio's mobility and flexebility. It did require the purchase of a special connector (TN 14). The 210 was available also in an Amateur offering. The Grundig Satellit 210 Amateur was granted permission to access the highly restricted shipping radio frequency ranges and was therefore also easily intgrated into commercial and private ship communications rooms. Like it's predecessor this gorgeous radio was offered in two color schemes: Black pleather with the "Sunburst" speaker grill or the especially striking and rare Walnut veneer with a walnut pattern grill.

GRUNDIG SATELLIT 210 Transistor 6001

GRUNDIG Satellit 210 Transistor 6001 SUNBURST / BLACK/CROME Edition

From my private collection. GRUNDIG Satellit 210 Transistor 6001 sunburst Edition. Built 1969. Works perfectly and is in collector quality. Very small signs of gentle use. Everything is checked, fully cleaned, got new bulbs. SOLD € 600,-

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