Grundig Satellit 700
Although similar to the Grundig Satellit 500 in appearance the technical advances made the Grundig Satellit 700 by far one of the if not THE best compact world recievers, bar none! The Grundig Satellit 700 left the assembly line betwen 1992 and 1996 and thusly was the "last" radio in the Grundig line (with the exception of Eaton E1 which, although it appeared under the Eaton name is considered by many the successor to the Grundig Satellit 700). This nearly perfect radios' retail price was DM 900.00. Among other advances this radio provided a memo box file which allowed (through the use of 3 additional EEPROM's) the storage of up to 2048 presets. The Grundig Satellit 700 was also the first Grundig Satellit that provided RDS (a station identification function that showed not only the station but also the artist and the song title) and sadly the last built original Grundig Satellit.



Grundig Satellit 700
Diese Radio ähnelte dem Satellit 500 aber der Grundig Satellit 700 gehört zu den besten, je gebauten kompakten Weltempfängern. Er verließ das Montageband zwischen 1992 und 1996 und war das letzte Radio der legendären Reihe Grundig Satellit. Dieses nahezu perfekte Radio kostete stolze DM 900,- Es verfügte unter anderen über eine Memofile - Box wo man mit 3 zusätzlichen EEPROM's ingesamt 2048 Speicherplätze zur Verfügung hatte. UKW war erstmaig mit RDS ausgestattet. Leider war der Grundig Satellit 700 der letzte originale Grundig Satellit und der angedachte Nachfolger, der Grundig Satellit 900 wurde nicht mehr produziert.


GRUNDIG SATELLIT 700 - like new - original box

GRUNDIG Satellit 700 Like new - Original Box

From my private show glas collection.

This beauty is in exellent condition, no signs of use. With all original paperwork, AC/DC adapter, 3 programmed memo files and memo file programmer. Rare find in this excellent condition. € 900,-

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Grundig Satellit 700

GRUNDIG Satellit 700 with Alu Box

From my private show glas collection.

This beauty is in exellent condition, only small signs of use. With original paperwork and 3 programmed memo files. Rare find in this excellent condition. € 450,-

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