Grundig Satellit 205/ 205A Transistor 5000
This top-notch reciever is the first in the extremely successful Satellit Series of World Receivers. Built between 1964 and 1966 it quickly established itself as the Standard that all other receivers measured themselves by. It featured a horizontally mounted tuner drum. And the seperate SW tuner allows for a better reception and finer tuning in the 16, 19, 25, 31, 41 und 49 meter bands. A further highlight is a specially optimzed BFO component that allows for the reception of unmodulated telegraph senders (CW) and the reception of highly desired SSB. The entire SW range 19 bis 187 meter allows for a large easily legible display. It is broken down into KW1: 62 - 187m, KW2: 24 - 67 m, KW3: 15 - 25 m, KW4: 10 - 15,5 m. SW - range: 1,6 - 30 mhz.

1965 brought the development of the Grundig Satellit 205 Amateur. This receiver's tuner drum was refined even further by having the band ranges segregated into now 6 separate ranges. ( 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 und 10 Meter)


Grundig Satellit 205

Im Jahre 1964 stellte Grundig diesen Weltempfänger der Öffentlichkeit vor. Als Einfachsuper konzipiert, war dieses Radio mit seinen 10 Kurzwellenbereichen zu seiner Zeit unschlagbar. ( 1,6 - 30 mhz) Dieser erste legendäre Grundig Satellit war der Anfang einer außerordendlich erfolgreichen Serie von Reiseempfängern der Spitzenklasse. Er wurde gebaut von 1964 - 1966 und war auch als Amateur Version mit einem speziell angepaßten Trommeltuner erhältlich. ( Grundig Satellit 205a Amateur)



Grundig Satellit 205

Grundig proudly introduced the world receiver to the public in 1964. Immediately accepted as the standard of the industry this radio with it's 10 shortwave ranges stood without par (1.6-30 mhz). This first in a long line of great and successful series of top of the line travel receivers Built between 1964 and 1966 this radio was also available in an amateur with a specially fitted drum tuner (Grundig Satellit 205a Amateur).


Grundig Satellit 205 Transistor 5000

Grundig Satellit 205 Transistor 5000. Built 1964 - 1966 This radio is in excellent condition, technically and optically. It has a nice speaker grill and it is a hot receiver. AC/DC adapter is inserted.  SOLD € 350,-

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